Train Wreck - The Band

Location: London, ONT

Challenge: Various Disabilities


Train Wreck are a group of incredible musicians with disabilities. The term disability is a poor word especially in this context of this group. Each member of Trainwreck is a true musician and each member takes his or her music as seriously as any other musician. Trainwreck was established in 2005 after the hard work of their conductor Karl Sloman designed a way to allow students to access music through electronics and triggers in both their wheelchairs and separate unique designs.

Trainwreck has been performing to audiences over the past 7 years leaving the listeners in awe and often tears because of their capabilities.

The band performs in real time, there are no sequences or recorded parts in their music. The band works on contemporary music ranging from Oasis to The Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

The members continue to work their magic exposing to the general public to the capabilities of the disabled communities.

Train Wreck The Band performing Red Hot Chilli Peppers' "Dani California"