Remont Pomp

Location: Gdansk

Challenge: Various Disabilities


Remont Pomp is an inclusive band keen on improvisation and sound experiments, formed by members with and without disabilities. They take inspiration from african and avant-garde music, using various objects as percussive instruments. The band wasfounded in 2004 by Polish Association for the Mentally Handicapped Circle in Gdansk.

The impetus for forming the band was to connect communities with different sensitivity and expression that could learn and enrich each other. The main founder of the band is Jarek Marciszewski.

They began "ethnic repair of pumps", particularly in Africa, where they discovered the source of musical inspiration. Then the rhythm and the choice of instruments alluded to the musical culture of the central - southern Africa.

Later on trying emerged: the cucumbers barrels, pipes, rubber, PVC, wooden sticks, which directed the team towards the idea of Trash Music.

After 4 years of the band was joined Thomas Antonovich. With him began searching Pump Repair in the sphere of avant-garde music. Glasses, cups, pitchers, plates, bowls, graters, slicers, bottles no longer be silent covering the table, and have become instruments to the rhythmic music band they brought color and sound.

The band's music is fully author, and the musicians unpredictable. Each member of the team through its expression and personality builds its style. As with the name of the group, creating the potential benefit of all, "remontujacych".

Thanks to the initiative PAPMH wheel in Gdansk since 2006 as part of the EVS program "Youth in Action" in Remont Pomp played with many volunteers from Europe and Asia. The presence of young people from different cultural backgrounds even more variety to the music and atmosphere in the team.

The turning point for the repairing pumps was meeting with Mikolaj Trzaska in 2011.

As part of the festival "Little Known World", the aim of which is to promote art created by people with intellectual disabilities and their integration with the artists Tri-City - Nicholas was invited by Builders pumps for music workshops, where the fruit was to be a concert at the Forest Theatre in Gdansk. Nobody expected that the cooperation will result in the recording of the "Golden Platinum" - recall members of the team.

Mikolaj Trzaska thanks to its musical sensitivity and empathy discovered vast new spaces in front of the musicians Renovation Pumps. Repeatedly drawn attention to the special, expressive and uninhibited manner with which members Renovation Pumps are playing songs or improvisations. Very quickly he integrated into the group and found a common understanding with the musicians.

Music Overhaul Pomp and Mikolaj Trzaska is a combination of intimacy and expression. In the recording studio of Radio Gdansk he joined them free jazz, Australian bassist Mike Majkowski.

All songs on the album were recorded with Mikolaj Trzaska and Majka Majkowskim. Saxophone and bass strengthened in music Overhaul Pump temperament and experimental freedom, and the songs have a new more ethnic or avant-garde free jazz character.

During recording, the musicians met on several boards of joint improvisation. Some are located on the "Golden Platina".

Recording an album and release it by Kilogram Records is the culmination of many years of work by a team Remont Pomp. Without Ola and Mikolaj Trzaska would be impossible.

Remont Pomp

Remont Pomp - "Kokon"