Jay Harris

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Challenge: Severely atrophied hands

Website: www.chainbreak3r.com

Jay Harris fronts the band Chainbreak3r, an old school Southern Rock band with a message.

Jay writes the songs, plays guitar and sing. He says "I wasn't born with this disability. It started when I was about 16-17. I had already been playing music my whole life and it was pretty devastating to lose the muscles in my hands". Jay "reinvented" guitar to keep going and after giving his heart to Jesus felt the calling to press on and eventually put out a couple albums with Chainbreak3r. Then it struck again. Jay adds "My left hand basically became paralyzed and the index finger wouldn't even close".

As the only guitarist in a guitar heavy 3 piece band that was known for screaming guitar solos, Jay didn't know what to do.

He adds "I had done all that with the disability and now even that was gone".

Guitar was Jay's life. He didn't know what to do next, but he didn't want to quit either.

Jay adds "I had to get some help on rhythm guitar and once again find new ways to get it done". Jay made a solo album where it just bought on his strengths. Songwriting, vocals, and slide guitar. The album is much bluesier than Chainbreak3r. Now Jay is preparing to record another album.

Jay's guitar sings on.

Jay Harris - Guitar Solo with Disabled hands