Filip Jagodic

Location: Laško, Slovenia

Challenge: Cerebral Palsy, Blind, & Autistic


Filip Jagodic is a keyboard/synthesiser player and composer from Slovenia.

Born on November 22, 1997 in Ljubljana, Filip weighed 600 grams at birth. Consequently, he is blind, has cerebral palsy and is a highly functional autistic.

He attended the school in Ljubljana at the Institute for Blind and Visually Impaired Youth. He traveled to Ljubljana daily for 10 years. Cerebral palsy was treated in Zagreb, but Filip did not walk or stand alone, using a wheelchair. He was operated in Belgium, where he tried to recover at least a percentage of his sight. Operation failed.

Filip has shown very early on that he will lead his life in music. He had already played a simple melody on the keyboard before the first year of age. He is a passionate autistic collector of keyboards and various sounds, dictaphones.

Filip says for himself that he is a balad person. He got inspiration in music from 1905 to late 80's . Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Patti Page etc...He adores Elvis, but music in general has been an inspiration from these years.

He's literate on a computer. He writes liquid nine fingers, has excellent orientation and memory, so the keyboard has been used at the age of five.

Filip uses JAWS for reading. It has 100% listening, of 100 tones is 100% when identifying them. Ringtones are inserted in dur and mol, and vice versa. He can play several melodies simultaneously, on the system to start one, proceed with the second, third, and return to the first one where he has finished.

Filip can play several keyboards at the same time. One of the unusual and rare skills he has developed is singing and playing shorter tunes back. He sings in English, German, Italian, Croatian and even Spanish. He also recorded Czech and Finnish songs. He is fluent in English. Regardless of autism, he likes to joke. He understands the delight, is delighted by people with musical knowledge.

He is also interested in classics, especially the orchestral performances of various instruments that all recognize. Already as a little boy, he recognized dozens of birds by sound. His memory dates back to a very early childhood. He links people with objects and knows exactly what occasion he got a toy even 20 years ago. It is inspired by music from post-war times. He is excellent in recognizing plagiarism, similar melodies.

Filip is very good to predict which song is not of Slovenian origin. He explores himself and usually also accurately determines which language and meloso belong to the original.

He does not separate the day from the night, he is not tired, he constantly contemplates how to gain and perfect what he already mastered. His great desire is to make a synthesizer with his sounds that he himself would have recorded and transferred to the keyboard. He is well-versed in polyphonic music, he made even eight voices. At the time of recording, we find that there is no limit to the search for polyphonic music and vocals.

Filip has released his own CD Over the rainbow, and he is already in preparation for a new release.

People like Filip, without support from the environment, deep understanding and acceptance, a sense of security and affection for their interests and wishes, will never survive. That is why Filip's mother came up with the idea of The Second Home, which will be small units, where the rest of their lives after the death of their parents, there could be a maximum of 5 people living in cohabitation, and everything that they will remember with their home will be taken with them.

Filip's mother gets a golden apple for inspiration from our president Borut Pahor and he promised her his help for building homes for people with special needs. But you know politicans always talk and do very little.

Filip Jagodic - "Love Me Tender" (Elvis cover)