Carlos Guevara

Location: Caracas

Challenge: Arthrogryposis


Carlos Guevara was born in Caracas on 8 June 1986. At thirteen, he began his musical studies at the Musical Academy Hemisphere, under the tutelage of Maestro José Antonio Matos. Two years after he was admitted at the Sistema de Orquestas Infantiles y Juveniles de Venezuela (Venezuelan System of Orchestras for Children and Youth), at its center located at La Rinconada to pursue his studies in Percussion, with Maestro Julio Cegarra.

In 2004, Carlos entered the Simon Bolivar Conservatory of Music for Percussion Academic classes with Master Jaider Arteaga. On that same year he joined up the percussion lines of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Caracas, conducted by the Masters Gustavo Dudamel and Dietrich Paredes. After two years, the Master Arteaga undertakes new horizons and leaves Carlos under the tutelage of Master Ricardo Alvarado.

In 2007, Carlos Guevara began studying with the drum master Andrés Briceño and open the doors of the Simon Bolivar Youth Symphony Wind Band, under conduction of Jesús Ignacio Pérez Perazzo, until July 2009 where he served as percussionist.

In December 2008, Carlos was invited to the Asian Tour of the Symphonic Orchestra Simón Bolívar Youth, under conduction of Maestro Gustavo Dudamel, which visited China, South Korea and Japan.


Carlos was also one of the drummers Simon Bolivar Jazz Big Band, conducted by Maestro Andrés Briceño.

Additionally, he participated in jam sessions with Master guitarist Adam Rogers and has taken master classes with percussion Masters Rainer Seegers and Christopher Roldan. It has been in drum Masterclass with the Masters Andrés Briceño, Sonny Emory, Russ Miller, Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez, Robbie Ameen, Paul Wertico, Antonio Sanchez and Jonathan Mover. Also, Carlos has participated in seminars with the Jazz Big Band and has shared the stage with the Masters Rolando Briceño, James Seeley, Richard Griffin, James Delano Zollar, Stafford Hunter, Danny Mixon, Nicolas Folmer, Lorenzo Barriendos, Robert Quintero and John Grimes.

Also in September 2009 Carlos participated in two international jazz festivals in Colombia AJAZZGO in Cali performing in front of 14,000 people and Jazz Al Parque in Bogota city next to the Simon Bolivar Big Band Jazz. In November 2009, along with Simon Bolivar Big Band Jazz he play beside the marimba master Dave Samuels founder of the group Caribbean Jazz Project. In 2010 Carlos cooperates with the master saxophonist Roman Filiu Cuban group Irakere and also plays with the trumpet master Ed Wolf, American educator based in Bolivia all that close to the Simon Bolivar Big Band Jazz. Also since 2009, founded the Heavy Metal band Hekura, along with Gabriel Vadacchino (Bass) and Gonzalo Rolando (Voice) would be added later to the guitar Marwin Key.

Carlos is a founding member of the Orchestra of Symphonic Rock Simon Bolivar belonging to the System of Youth and Children's Orchestras of Venezuela, this orchestra was founded in June 2011, playing in important theaters like Anna Julia Rojas UNEARTE, the House of Artist Amador Bendayán, Amphitheater Hatillo, Hard Rock Cafe Caracas Chacao Municipal Theatre Simon Bolivar Hall.

In October 2011 Carlos plays beside of the master saxophonist and co-director of the Paris Jazz Big Band Pierre Bertrand, between that month and November Carlos was touring in USA with Simon Bolivar Big Band Jazz visiting the cities of New York and Boston playing in theaters like the Jazz At Lincoln Center, Harlem Stage, Skirball Hall and Jordan Hall.

In December of that same year Carlos acts next to the most important euphonium, Steven Mead exponent.

In 2012 Carlos made a national tour with the group Urban Percussion Takto in different cities of Venezuela, also plays in a concert next to one of the most representative artists of Venezuela Horacio Blanco.

In 2013 participated in the recording of the EP of gothic metal band called Daidalos, He also do some gigs with Canuto's Blues Band and the legendary heavy metal band Venezuelan Grand Bite with over 30 years of experience in Venezuela.

In March 2014 participated as an international artist in the Drum Fest Costa Rica next to the renowned drummer John Riley (USA), Camilo Torres (Chile), Carlos Sanders (Costa Rica), Jose Rosa (Puerto Rico) also he stay as titular drummer of the heavy metal band Grand Bite. Carlos has participated in editions of 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2014 of the International Percussion Festival of Los Llanos with the masters John Grimes, guitarist Niky Scarola and Hekura.

In October of the same year Carlos performed two tours with the Colombo Venezuelan with the Symphonic Rock Orchestra Simon Bolivar and Simon Bolivar Symphonic Wind Band playing in theaters like The Leon De Greiff of Bogota and in the theater Luis Gilberto Mendoza from San Cristobal.

In 2015 Carlos has been active in their activities with different groups as Hekura, Canuto`s Blues Band, Symphonic Rock Orchestra Simon Bolivar, Grand Bite, Takto Urban Percussion and as drum teacher in the Music Conservatory Simon Bolivar. Since October of 2015 Carlos lives in Medellin, Colombia, he is drum teacher at Rockers Music Academy. In 2016 Carlos starts a new tour doing his motivational drumclinic "Challenges Behind The Drums" in several cities of Colombia and Ecuador.

Carlos is exclusive artist Vic Firth drumsticks, Aquarian Drumheads, Cympad, and Custom Cymbal Nuts.

Carlos "Pasión" Guevara