Angryfish & Crips

Location: West Midlands

Challenge: Various Disabilities


Angryfish & Crips are a powerhouse of political alternative blues rock, bringing great musicality to a strong identity and brand as a band of all Disabled musicians.

The band consists of Robin Surgeoner on guitar and vocals. Robin has Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia which is very similar to Cerebral Palsy. Phil Mullins who is the drummer is blind, Ian Trott bassist is a one leg amputee post teenage cancer and Sam Cooper guitarist has Autism and Dyspraxia.

We currently rehearse every week and do gigs as often as we can get them, but with our access issues, an age range form 23 - 68 and doing original can present issues - however we promote this and stuff like Permission to Perform so kind of create our own performance opportunities.

Angryfish & Crips