Andrew Lamb

Location: New York, NY

Challenge: Unknown believes it was Polio


Andrew Lamb a.k.a. The Black Lamb, saxophones, flutes, clarinet, oboe, and woodwind instruments from various indigenous societies. Lamb is also a composer in his own right, and is known as an individual artist, with his own style and his own story.

Originally from North Carolina but grew up predominately in South Jamaica Queens, New York. Andrew Lamb received his education at State University Of New York S.U.N.Y. Old Westbury and Chelsea Performing Arts Studio WIS, and studied saxophone privately with the legendary AACM charter member Kalaparusha Ara Difda formerly known as Maurice McIntrye, and the renown woodwind instructor and performer JD Parran.

Lamb came into New York's once heralded Loft Jazz scene and the avant garde community in the mid seventies, and over time became an active presence in the vibrant Bedford Ė Stuyvesant arts world at during the 90's through 2004 winning Brooklyn Arts Council Regrant Awards, and winning the Queens Council For The Arts Individual Artist Award in 2008 Lamb leads, The Andrew Lamb Quartet, The Andrew Lamb Trio, The Moving Form, The Dogon Duo, and currently leads his multi discipline ensemble Andrew Lambís Circadian Spheres Of Light with works created to help heal those with Autisim, Dementia, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Andrew composed all of the pieces on his recordings as a leader, and has recordings on The Delmark, C.I.M.P, Engine, and No Business record labels . No Business being a label located in Lithuania, which produced Andrew Lamb/Rhapsody In Black a work that received Honorable Mention for record of the year in 2012.

Lamb has also performed throughout the U.S. Europe, and recently Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, as a member of bassist Henry Grime's Sublime Communications Trio.

I sincerely believe that the arts and music in particular are essential to the healing and balance of humanity and the universe at large. My compositions are organic, not based on refurbished ideas or concepts, but on moments that I have seen, felt, embraced, and risen beyond. The compositions are realized due to the participation of artists who are highly professional veterans of many diverse musical situations and who are open thinkers, more than willing to conceive an unknown concept and work with unyielding artistic passion in support of the work. My mission is to bring new and innovative music to the world stage and share beauty with all walks of life.

Andrew Lamb Trio